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How will your services benefit me?

If I’m interested in your amazing services or products, tell me how my life will be improved by them.


Will I feel better about myself? Will I be able to do things that I can’t already?

“Keep testimonials short, directly related to the rest of the page, and always attributable to someone.”

- John Doe (Jodo Shmoco Ltd)

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Tell me how brilliant your products are

Describe what your product or service offers, and how I will benefit from it. Focus your writing on me so I know I matter to you.


Use keywords so I know I'm in the right place.

Our coffee is so


that's what

everyone says!

How will I feel after using your services or products?

Use internal pages to tell me about specific services or products you offer. When you're telling me about them, make sure to focus on me not you - I'm interested in what I can get, not what you have.

Amaze me with your offer. Emphasize what I'll get from you, and tell me how to get it.

Special Offer

Highlight a current promotion. Be clear, direct, and specific.



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